Long Time, No Post

It’s been a fair while since I last posted, & things have changed a bit around here since. But more on that later. For now: look! I made a skirt!


It’s from an old pattern from my mother’s collection: Style 1961. (It’s worth noting that googling “Style 1961 pencil skirt” will get to absolutely nowhere, if you’re looking for the pattern…) There was a long and short option, with or without a waistband. I went for the long one (goes without saying when you’re 5’9″!), no waistband. I put together a toile from an old sheet, made a few adjustments aaand… didn’t touch it again for 2 months. Maybe even longer. In spite of having a lovely sewing space in the new house, I really lost my sewing mojo in the move.

So I did what many modern sewists would do in a time of sewing-related difficulty: I turned to the sewing community of Reddit for advice. Continue reading


Time to Introduce Myself! (First Post Nerves)

Well… hello!

To quote my brand-new About page: My name is Yvonne and I love to work with my hands, mainly in book arts, sewing and crochet. This blog is a place for me to share projects I’m working on, post tutorials and hopefully get to know some fellow binders & crafters worldwide!

This is my first WordPress blog, and in a way, my first real blog. At least, it feels that way. I’ve had a couple of Tumblr blogs – for my photography, and then to keep myself occupied when I moved home last year – and they’ve both largely run their course. I think this one will be a bit more permanent. I’ll be moving to a beautiful part of Co. Sligo in a fortnight, and that’s when I’ll be getting the wheels in motion on my new business, a bindery called Needle & Flax. (I’m excited about it, & pretty anxious to get started!)

This blog will be a parallel venture where I can share more than just business. My mother taught me how to sew when I moved home last year, and we also took a crochet class together before Christmas. I learned to make books in a summer course at the NCAD in Dublin, and it’s something I love to do now. So those are a few things you can expect to see here on the Needle & Flax blog. I hope there are other crafters out there who will enjoy reading about my projects, and help me get better at the crafts I enjoy!

I suppose I might as well get on with it & write an actual post.

Is there anybody out there? … Hello?