Crunching Numbers: 5 Pamphlet-Bound Notebooks

The hardest part of setting up a craft business isn’t actually making the stuff, it’s making it economically enough that you can actually sell it to people! The main cost in most crafty enterprises is usually the labour: the time it takes you to produce the things you plan to sell. I’m in the process of working out pricing structures at the moment. I made these notebooks today with a stopwatch (well, OK – a phone) on hand to see how long it would take to make 5. 

I’m really looking forward to getting a plough so I can even off the edges of text blocks evenly; in this case, I’d trim the pages & card to exactly the same height before even folding the folios. You can see the block sticking up past the cover a little bit because I don’t have anything to trim accurately with at the moment. It doesn’t help that the cards I used to cover them are supposed to be A4 but all have slight variations in size – just a bit annoying..!

They’re fairly simple, 4-folio, 80-page blank notebooks, pamphlet-bound to card covers. Oh, & how long did they take? 25mins each, including an estimate for trimming the edges. Not bad, not bad. Still room for improvement with practice.


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